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Bunting Flags

Bunting flags in paper for indoor use and plastic for outdoor.

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Bunting Flags

Christian Fabrications make bespoke bunting flags in paper for indoor use and plastic for outdoor use.
Pennant flags can be made in paper or flame retardant paper and made into several shapes including rectangular, square, triangular, circle, oval or even bespoke shapes however for bespoke shapes we need to make a special tool to cut the flags.
The paper pennants can be made in several sizes and can be printed on one side or both sides from one colour up to full colours.
Plastic pennants are specially treated to resist against UV and wind, available in single colours, multicolour or can be printed with 4 Pantone colours on one side only.
Flags are sewn onto a solid thread which is resistant against wind for several weeks and months , the string is normally white but can be made in colours to match with the printed flags. Using our products means you can advertise using a top quality product.
We make several lengths from 5m, 10m, 500m long but we can make the length to your own requirement.
Our flaglines are available with Nation flags with more than 70 Nations in stock to give a greater effect to your event !
We also supply bunting flags for Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year, St Valentine’s Day, Easter,
Rugby or Football World Cup, Tennis, Tour de Berkshire, Basketball and much more such as Italian decorations, Oktoberfest, Spanish, Mexico Tex Mex, Greece and Oriental decorations but we can create your own designs to your requirement.
Flag banners are mostly used to decorate restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, school cafeterias, stores, perfumeries, car dealership, DIY stores, clothing stores, banks, supermarkets, parking and much more.

Feel free to contact for any question.

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5m, 10m, 500m, other on request


Flame retardant paper, Non Flame retardant paper, Plastic


rectangular, square, triangular, circle, oval, other on request